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Capital City

10,8 Mio.

National languages
Somali, Arabish

Somalia-Schilling (SOS)

Gross national product (GNP)

GNP per person

Financial exports to Switzerland
CHF 0.33 Mio

Financial imports from Switzerland
CHF 0.08 Mio.

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Somalia

Somalia is a priority country of the “Horn of Africa, 2013–2016 strategy”. For this reason, the SDC is increasing its regional cooperation with Somalia. On 16 April 2013, the Swiss Federal Council appointed a special envoy and ambassador for Somalia.

Economic cooperation

Trade and economic cooperation between Switzerland and Somalia are limited; in 2012 the trade volume amounted to CHF 30,000. Switzerland imports essential oils from Somalia and exports office materials and electronic devices.
The Somali diaspora in Switzerland and throughout the world supports its home country through remittances to family members at home. These transfer payments are an important part of the Somali economy.


Business Language

English, Italian.

Dimensions and weights

Metric system.


1 Somali Schilling (Sh.So.) = 100 Centesimi.

ISO code: SOS

Customs tariff

Harmonised system.

Import control

There are sanctions against Somalia including a weapons embargo, restrictions on services and technical support and financial sanctions. The country has been at civil war since 1991, during which time the economy and foreign trade have practically collapsed. An import licence is required for all goods.

There are no longer any restrictions on the quantity of goods that can be imported from EU states. There is a ban on the import of weapons, munitions, drugs and charcoal.

Standard VAT rate: 10%

Initial steps have been taken to reopen the central bank. All foreign currency transactions are processed via private foreign currency traders.

Pre-shipment inspection

A pre-shipment inspection by an authorised inspection company has been required since 01/01/2014.

Regardless of the value of the shipment, an inspection of the quality, quantity and price and a tariff and customs value determination must be carried out for goods which do not appear on the list published by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The fees for this are 1% of the FOB value of the goods for which an application for an inspection us made but a minimum of USD 350 per control.


Terms of payment and tenders

Irrevocable letter of credit confirmed by a bank. Tenders in EUR based on CIF, port of arrival Somalia; English.

Designations of origin

No special regulations about the labelling of the country of origin. In the case of any doubt label “Made in …”.


No special marking regulations. Indication of the port of arrival, the recipient and the country of origin. There are special labelling regulations for goods including medications and foods.


Stable packaging which can withstand even incorrect handling; it must be suitable for high humidity and hot temperatures.

FCL containers of goods which are subject to pre-shipment inspections must be sealed.

Product samples

Samples with no retail value are permitted duty free. The shipment of samples which are subject to duty as “product samples” is not permissible.

Shipping and accompanying documents

a) Commercial invoices, 2 copies in English with all standard information, uncertified. The following signed declaration must be made at the end of the invoice: “We herewith confirm that the data contained in this invoice are correct”.

b) Certificates of origin, 1 copy for all goods.

c) Movement certificate not required.

d) Bills of lading (see general point 4) without certification and with a notify address in the case of order bills of lading.

e) Postal shipments: same papers as a) to d). Maximum weight 20 kg, 1 international dispatch note, 1 customs declaration (English).

f) Recommendation: packing list (1 copy).